Bring Your Catalog To Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could instantly send your customers an eco-friendly, electronic flip-through catalog? souvenir Catalogs makes it that easy! Your catalog delivered toy your customers with the click of a mouse.   Your customers can jump right into your virtual catalog, putting them in control of the 3-D turning page animation as if they had a real copy in front of them. They can even purchase right from the catalog just as fast!  We create fantastic interactive catalogs, magazines, newspapers, books and more!



  • Drives traffic to your website to increase your company’s exposure
  • Saves money and resources that would otherwise be spent on printing
  • Unlike a print catalog, Souvenir Custom Flip Catalogs are searchable by keyword, page number, etc., so readers can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for
  • Readers can download as a PDF file so they always have a copy on hand
  • Print or email the entire document or just certain pages to share with anyone, anywhere
  • your customers can purchase your products directly from your catalog.
  • Catalogs work on all platforms including smart phones and pads
  • Save the environment!  No paper means a tree has been saved.


We offer two types on online brochures:

PDF to Flip Page

Fast & Affordable! We take your existing PDF files and convert them to an online flip-page brochure or book using our customizable interface.  If your PDF is designed correctly, it will insert a clickable table of content links and URLs that you have included in your PDF file.

Custom Flip Page Books

Custom online brochures are designed from scratch. We take your text and images to build a custom online brochure.  Prices depend on how extensive the work is to create the catalog or book. The interface is not standard like the PDF-to-online option but completely unique.  When finished, you will have a PDF file and a beautiful interactive flip page book ready to use on your website, in email campaigns or anywhere else you can think of.