Fairway Manufacturing Company

  • Souvenirs, gifts, vinyl magnets, novelties, toys and more.

  • Floating view action pens, bottle openers, key rings and acrylic key rings

  • Vinyl key rings, vinyl coin purses and more

  • Calendars, golf balls, travel mugs, water bottles and more.

  • Custom Glassware, coffee mugs, glassware, bags, hats, electronics and more.

  • Custom drinkware, mugs, glasses, carnival cups, plastic cups, water bottles and more.

  • Souvenir Spoons, custom charms, state charms, souvenir bells and more

  • Custom Imprint Coolers, mugs, bags ,candles, can wraps and more.

  • Wooden Magnets, trailer hitches, state decals and more

  • State Magnets, custom magnets, country magnets, vinyl and plastic magnets, custom Imprinted Magnets and more...

  • Corn cob pipes, cedar walking sticks, twig pencils, hillbilly gifts, cedar rubber band guns and more.

  • Old time American cookbooks, music, folklore, history, humour books and more.

  • American wildlife gifts, wall hangings, magnets and more.

Contact Details:

Fairway Manufacturing Company
2424 Schuetz Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63043
Phone:  314-991-8776    Toll Free: 1-800-325-0889
E-Mail: Fairway